The subject of the Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering is the design of modern systems and services by applying the optimum approaches in the interdisciplinary area of design, creatively combining knowledge and methodologies that derive from a wide range of sciences and emphasize on the use of new technologies for the design and production of innovative products.

The purpose of the Department is to produce graduates who will be able to creatively employ new technologies, science and art in order to design solutions in the form of usable and operational Products, Procedures and Systems in all the productive sectors. The Department thereby meets both the current and emerging needs for industry and business executives in the global competition.

Post-graduate Programs


The Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering is situated at the premises of University of West Attica (Ancient Olive grove Campus)

Ιστότοπος Τμήματος

Επιτροπή Περιεχομένου Ιστότοπου:
- Μ. Παπουτσιδάκης (Αν. Καθηγητής)
- Α. Γκοτσόπουλος (Επ. Καθηγητής)
- Δ. Πυρομάλης (Επ.Καθηγητής)

Ανάπτυξη & Διαχείριση Ιστότοπου:
- Ελένη Συμεωνάκη (ΕΔΙΠ)
- Ανδρέας Σορτ (ΕΔΙΠ) 


 Γραμματεία Τμήματος:

  Κτήριο Ζ, Πτέρυγα Α
Πανεπιστήμιο Δυτικής Αττικής 
Πανεπιστημιούπολη Αρχαίου Ελαιώνα
Θηβών 250 & Π. Ράλλη
122 41 Αιγάλεω
  +30 210 5381 219
  +30 210 5381 501


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