The Five-year Programme of the Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering of the University of West Attica has been drawn up taking into consideration the guidelines provided by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE) and aims at:

  • the supply of high-quality tertiary education at both theoretical and laboratory level;
  • the continuous adaptation of the educational subject to the new developments of science, research and technology;
  • the fostering of specialized abilities to combine sciences, technologies, methods, materials and properties in order to develop innovative products and services;
  • the shaping of rational thinking and analysis to solve practical problems and apply the theoretical knowledge to the established and modern industrial methods;
  • providing a solid and extensive scientific background for the purpose of mobility and flexibility in the modern competitive international environment, meeting the needs of the labor market;

Following the completion of studies, the graduate Industrial Design and Production Engineer possesses knowledge, abilities and skills that allow them to:

  • to successfully respond to the competitive working environment with exceptional career prospects;
  • to successfully pursue the Postgraduate Study Programme at the higher-education institutions of Greece and abroad.


 Γραμματεία Τμήματος:

  Πανεπιστήμιο Δυτικής Αττικής 
Πανεπιστημιούπολη Αρχαίου Ελαιώνα
Θηβών 250 & Π. Ράλλη
122 41 Αιγάλεω
Κτήριο Ζ, Πτέρυγα Α
Γραφείο ΖΑ207 (2ος Όροφος)
  +30 210 538 1726, +30 210 538 1727

Ιστότοπος Τμήματος

Ανάπτυξη & Διαχείριση Ιστότοπου:
- Ανδρέας Σορτ (ΕΔΙΠ)
- Ελένη Συμεωνάκη (ΕΔΙΠ)